TOWER Cold Chain Solutions Launch White Paper Part Two: Total Cost of Shipping

By November 6, 2017 Tower, TOWER Global Network

READING, UK November 6th, 2017 – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions publish follow-up Total Cost of Shipping white paper discussing the components that make up the true cost of shipping and illustrating cost savings with real-life cost-comparison studies

The first Total Cost of Shipping white paper discussed how the shipment of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods is routinely calculated as packaging plus freight and that this is a misconception with many other related and often overlooked factors contributing to the true total cost

Accurately assessing total shipping costs provides transparency, offering the potential for cost saving measures and operational efficiencies

tower cold chain solutions total cost of shipping part 2The second part of this white paper series puts this theory into practice and explores new challenges that have emerged since the first paper was published. There is a case study included in this white paper with a comparative cost analysis of different shipping scenarios

A cross section of the industry was consulted in order to make real-life cost comparisons for the ten defined costs of shipping across different packaging scenarios. On page three, an analysis is made of the costs associated with single-use packaging, reusable packaging and active packaging systems

Richard Peck, author of the paper and Global Operations Manager at TOWER Cold Chain Solutions said “My experience within cold-chain logistics has included being both an end-user as well as being a supplier, and I know from both perspectives how easily the often-overlooked aspects of the shipping process can distort expectations when only packaging costs and freight are properly evaluated. As with so many aspects of the cold chain, it is the smaller, detail elements that can undermine both anticipated performance and budgeted costs. Hopefully the second part of this white paper will promote understanding of those smaller elements and lead to more effective shipments”


About TOWER Cold Chain Solutions

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions’ range of passive KryoTrans® thermal containers provides a solution to reduce the total cost of shipping. KryoTrans containers are not only flexible but extremely robust and are based on a passive system that effectively eliminates any risk of human error once conditioned. TOWER provides a developing global infrastructure, with hubs creating a flexible service across Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific region