Simplicity exemplified

Could we make things any simpler? Our ‘zero fail’ technology, easy two-door loading system (on pallet-sized containers), zero wasted space, easy-to-use phase-change power, no third-party intervention and integral datalogger built in as standard into ALL of our containers we don’t think so. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still working on it.

Euro Pallet

120+ hour plus protection for -20°C, +5°C and +20°C. Half, single and double pallet sizes.


US Pallet

120+ hour plus protection for -20°C, +5°C and +20°C. Half, single and double pallet sizes.



120+ hour plus protection for <-60°C, -20°C, +5°C and +20°C. 10 to 467 litres.


Deep frozen solutions


120+ hour protection for -80°C to -60°C.
Internal payload greater than 200 litres.



94 hour (transit) and 227 hour (storage)
protection for <-60°C. Double pallet payload.

Keeping our tech simple

Keeping our tech simple so there is less to go wrong

As Mark Twain famously wrote “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”, keeping things simple is actually very difficult and takes a lot of thought and planning. All our containers run with the same clever phase-change material technology. Once conditioned they are highly efficient in storing thermal energy which allows them to maintain the target temperature for 120+ hours with no intervention required. We could explain in an even more scientific way if you would like, but let’s keep things simple.

When we say fully configurable, we mean FULLY configurable

Our containers are fully size-configurable to meet your shipment needs (from sub-pallet to single- and double-pallet US & Euro) and temperature requirements (–80°C to +25°C). With zero wasted space to reduce cost, loads can be shipped in narrow or wide-bodied aircraft and returned to any one of our global service hubs. If preferred, we will even provide them preconditioned to your warehouse to provide immediate thermal protection. We think that’s pretty configurable.

Tower global reach

Partnering 3PL made easy

TOWER’s containers are simple to store, load and re-use, with a simple rental arrangement: with fewer than 0.1% temperature excursions in over 10,000 consignments. These things make TOWER an obvious choice for pharmaceutical companies and their 3PLs looking for operational efficiencies and financial savings. Which is probably why 70% of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical and 3PL companies trust and work with us.

Temperature datalogger as standard

It isn’t just our reliability that comes as standard. Every container, regardless of size, comes with an integral Bluetooth datalogger providing full audit trail and real-time internal and external temperature records: no third-party intervention during transit is required. This ensures that your valuable product remains within your temperature stability requirement and arrives safely and protected.

Unique Deep-Frozen solutions

“Can you create a product that can maintain a product temperature of between -80°C and -60°C for over 120 hours with an average ambient temperature of +30°C. The solution must physically restrain the product from movement in transit and have robust primary packaging to withstand extreme temperatures and a multifaceted supply chain?” This was the problem set by a client. Using our powerful technology we created the 100% reusable KT400D-60 container that is now seen as a market leader and another first for TOWER.

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