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A unique temperature-controlled packaging solution within the Life Sciences and Healthcare marketplace for the transportation of deep-frozen shipments with a required internal temperature range of -80˚C to -60˚C during transit.


* typical pack-out shown, pack-outs may vary depending on requirement.

Already trusted by over 30 of the world’s leading Pharma and 3PL providers the KT400D-60 provides <-60˚C deep-frozen transport for their valuable and highly sensitive products.

With its unique cardboard pack outs, highly robust casing and no intervention required throughout transit the KT400D-60 suspends products away from the dry-ice providing deep frozen, fully compliant transportation with consistent load space for +120 hours.

“From a small initial request to TOWER for help with our dry ice shipments ten years ago, the KT400D-60 units have become part of Pharmafreight’s every-day lives, offering it to our manufacturing and R&D clients to move their frozen products globally, reassured by the units’ robust performance, massively reducing the risks associated with shipping such valuable material. We now have whole supply and manufacturing chains built on their existence, and it still feels the solution is as current and well designed as it was a decade ago.”

Andy Hughes Commercial director Pharmafreight

Dry-Ice: Much used, often misunderstood?

Pharma, 3PL and logistics companies understand the value and benefits of using a dry-ice solution to transport life-science products within a deep-frozen temperature range of -80˚C to -60˚C. However, previous solutions available led to numerous issues:


Rubber seals crack due to the temperature difference between the top of the sublimating dry ice and the space at the top of the container temperature.


The traditional packaging methods for dry-ice shipments covers the product in dry ice within the container, meaning that higher volumes of dry ice are required and that the payload volume is reduced.


The need to open the container to top up the dry ice exposes the product to ambient temperatures leading to compliance issues.


Product moves in the void created by the dry ice sublimating.

How tower innovated

How TOWER innovated

TOWER was asked by a leading global pharmaceutical company to create and produce a cold-chain solution to meet the unique temperature compliance need of its biological oncology product.

The supply chain was highly complex with the client requiring the expertise of several contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) across different continents with the assurance of control of their supply chain from API to finished product.

The challenge to TOWER was to provide a robust and reliable <-60˚C solution using TOWER’s KT400 thermal container that would be required to maintain product integrity whilst preventing any damage due to exposure to the extremely low temperatures. Additionally, a qualification period of 120hrs was the objective.

The TOWER KT400D-60 internal packaging configuration solution was developed to address each of these issues with the intention that each of the key criteria deliverables for efficiency, visibility, compliance and sustainability were maintained and, where possible, improved.

KT400D-60 Key Benefits

pre-conditioned and pre-configured

The KT400D-60 can be pre-conditioned and pre-configured ready for shipment

60 seconds product

Under 60 seconds product load time creates minimal exposure to dry-ice and no stress to product during loading

no dry ice

No dry ice top up so no risk of compliance failure or breakages

air temperature

120+ hours consistent -80˚C to -60˚C air temperature is created throughout the payload

reducing risk of breakages

The product is suspended throughout transit reducing risk of breakages

Prevents breakages

Prevents breakages caused by the temperature inconsistencies within the container

load space

Load space is consistent throughout transportation

reusable container

Fully compliant, reusable container and recyclable internal structure

Gone in 60 seconds

How to pre-configure and product load the KT400D-60

The KT400D-60 is ideally suited for

Primary Packaging

  • Sartorius Celsius® FFT shell system
  • Varying drum sizes
  • RoSS® containers
  • Mylar bags
  • HDPE bottles
  • Nalgene bottles
  • CurTec drums
  • Mueller drums
  • Single API drums
  • Clamshells
  • Cryoboxes
  • Celsius FFT shell systems
  • Cylinders
  • Muller drums

Life Science Products

  • Coronavirus vaccine
  • API & diagnostic kits
  • Biopharmaceutical solutions
  • Diagnostics specimen samples
  • Cell Lines
  • Bacteria
  • Micro organisms
  • Proteins and other samples and solutions.

“We moved a consignment of over 400,000 embryonic cells (10 years of irreplaceable research) from the UK to China, using 8 KT400-D (-80˚C / Dry Ice) containers – the temperature remained below -60˚C for the entire duration of the transit. As a specialist logistics provider, we can highly recommend their containers.”

Don Riach, Director, UK Operations, Biocair International.

Key evaluation criteria


The internal product cartons can be preconditioned at -80˚C to -60˚C by the customer in readiness for a very quick and easy exchange for the product fillers.


The internal carton configuration maintains the temperature via a custom-designed cardboard carton configuration which suspends the dry ice and surrounds the deep-frozen product with a balanced temperature effect.


The internal payload is stable and fully secured within the container throughout its transit with a lock-down lid and maintains the required internal temperature
against a wide range of external ambient temperatures.


The KT400D-60 container is already utilised by contract manufacturers and transport companies across many global airfreight lanes with zero outages being logged.


The KT400D-60 container requires no third-party intervention and can be fitted with a temperature logger to record the internal payload temperature adjacent to the product and the external ambient temperature.


Repeated checks can easily be carried out throughout the logistics chain with ease, prior to release to the transport provider, by the logistics provider during transit and at customer destination

Customer Lane Validation

Prior to customer lane qualification testing, a complete review for the solution qualification data can be provided. This process was conducted via TOWER’s chamber testing, live shipments and the review of container drop-test certification

Operational Validation

Operational Qualification conducted via a hands-on customer loading criterion to replicate actual shipments preparation and loading scenario, based on the customer processes and needs.

Global Validation

The initial testing criteria and validation requirements were conducted via the global qualification and validation standards processes. The testing provided the proof of concept for the internal design concept and the feasibility of the container to maintain the required internal temperature over the specified time period of 120 hours.


The KT400D-60 container is fully reusable and can be reconfigured for subsequent shipments. The internal cardboard cartons can be reused and/or recycled and there is a significant saving on the dry-ice volume requirement in comparison to traditional dry-ice packaging methods.

Moving Forward

TOWER has developed a comprehensive suite of bespoke client payload solutions which meet the industry’s stringent product integrity demands, we have over 100 pack-out configurations available.

If you have a product or client that requires <-60 ̊C and wish to find out more, please make contact with a TOWER global representative.

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