IQPC Cool Chain Europe Event

By February 2, 2014 September 19th, 2017 Tower

Off to Luxembourg for the IQPC Cool Chain Europe event and the first chance to show the world our new KTM range. These are modular shippers that work with US and Euro palletised loads and which deliver the famous KryoTrans compliance times and product protection in a range of 12 wonderfully cost-effective variants.

Great to see the reaction of our customers, many of them have been asking us to do something like this for years, but until our propeller heads came up with the modular idea we simply didn’t know whether to start with Euro or US, half or full height, single or double length, even double height: now, at a stroke, we have them all, at -60, -20, +5 or +20.

We all must have days when we wonder whether life mightn’t be simpler without the teccies, but hearing customers saying how much they like the KTM makes me feel that I must take home some  of Luxembourg’s fabled Quetscheflued damson tart for them.