About us

TOWER rents containers to the pharmaceutical industry that are used to transport products that need temperature control.

When John Pring, our founder, filed his original patent – for a reusable container with a datalogger in its outer wall – back in 2000, he was flying in the face of orthodox approaches to transporting temperature-sensitive medi-science materials. Pring’s first company, Kryotrans Ltd, was launched in 1999. The company was based in Dunstable, in Bedfordshire. At this time Kryotrans Ltd was focused on selling containers to biotech companies.

In 2007 all the products were re-engineered around the use of phase-change materials as a preferred source of power as the market moved from buying to renting containers. TOWER was created as a solution for the need to provide easy rentable containers to an ever-expanding market (TOWER standing for The One-Way Easy Rental).

TOWER’s headquarters are at Theale, less than 30 minutes west of London’s Heathrow Airport. Its other hubs are in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brussels, Frankfurt, Manchester, Singapore, Shanghai, Melbourne, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth: all are supported by a global repositioning service that allows customers to take TOWER containers into and out of a wide range of global locations.

We currently count 16 of the World’s largest pharma companies as clients and 70% of the World’s top 20 pharma 3PLs as trusted partners.

Tower global reach

Our vision

To be the provider-of-choice of temperature-controlled solutions to the global pharmaceutical and life science industries.

Our purpose

To be a dynamic and profitable company that creates value for all its stakeholders. Our stakeholders are: Customers, Employees, Shareholders and Suppliers.

Our core values:

Problem solving
Reliable performance
Relationship orientated
Customer focus


With our 20+ years in the temperature-controlled container solutions industry we think we have learned a thing or two about logistics, product development and the pharma market. We love to share our enthusiasm, knowledge and facilities and we happily work with clients to create new products, new concepts and to offer supply-chain consultation.

Our services include:

Thermal control design and development
Thermal qualification testing
Packaging design
Bespoke solutions
Computer-aided design and simulation
Logistics and operational advice
Deep frozen solutions

Need to be assured?

TOWER’s on-site qualification test facility in the UK is dedicated to testing against a range of protocols. The facility is capable of accurately replicating any environmental temperature whether simulating real ambient temperatures or working to standardised profiles. Emulating loading, repacking en-route, a potential hold-up at customs or a particular exposure to heat or cold at a given time. We can see, therefore, exactly how your package would leave and, more importantly, how it will arrive.

Case studies

The Total Cost of Shipping: Part 1

The Total Cost of Shipping: Part 1

The Total Cost of Shipping: Part 2

The Total Cost of Shipping: Part 2

Major transport company (3PL) requires a single solution for 30 lane complex supply chain for a pharmaceutical client?

Major transport company (3PL) requires a single solution for 30-lane complex supply chain for a pharmaceutical client?

The board

Just Arne Storvik

Just Arne Storvik


Tor Erland Fyksen

Tor Erland Fyksen


Niall Balfour


Chris Pollard


Our team

Richard Dudbridge

Global Sales Manager

James Vann

James Vann

Technical and Production Manager

Neal Cullen

Global Logistics Manager

Suzanne Hagley

Suzanne Hagley

Commercial Manager

Jean Platt

Jean Platt

Finance Manager

Julia Graham

Julia Graham

Customer Services Manager, UK & EU

Barrie Sears

Sales Consultant

Chris Pickering

US Sales Manager

Sean Petzer

Commercial & Operations Consultant – Africa and India


Rob Paterson

Commercial & Operations Consultant - Asia Pacific

Mick Sutherland

Asia Pacific Business Development Manager


Natalie Robinson

UK Operations Manager

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