Passive v Active containers:
An impartial round table discussion
  1. Tower Cold Chain Solutions are proud to announce the first in a series of hosted impartial round-table events, with industry leaders from the pharmaceutical, airline and logistics sectors.
round-table events
When something is simple and works, why change it?

16 of the world’s top 20 pharma companies & 14 global pharma 3PL companies trust our containers and the simplicity and reliability they bring.

TOWER are proud to announce they have been voted one of the 30 fastest growing private companies to watch in 2021 by Silicon Review.
Tower in Silicon Review
How the cold chain sector has reacted and innovated in the face of Covid-19

If you missed our 90 minute webinar you can see the whole unedited version here

90 minutes of insights
The KTM42D, a deep-frozen storage and transit solution for Covid-19 vaccines and APIs requiring <-60°C
  1. Maintains <-60°C with two full product loaded pallets
  2. 94 hours (four days) in an ambient environment
  3. 227 hours (nine days) if stored at -20°C
Introducing the highly adaptable KT400D-60
  1. Maintains <-80°C to -60°C for 120+ hours
  2. Loads in under 60 seconds
  3. TOWER's unique pack out system caters for over 20 of the industry’s most commonly used types of primary packaging
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Looks aren’t everything

In the last 10,000 shipments (ignoring manual error) we have recorded fewer than 0.1% temperature excursions. This is why our clients choose us, because of our reliability, not our looks. With our containers protecting shipments from 80°C all the way through to +25°C we consistently protect high-value pharmaceutical products globally, time and time again. Simplicity is our mantra, reliability the outcome.

3rd party partnerships

3rd party partnership made easy

Over the last four years our 3PL partners have made over 4,000 self-managed shipments with zero temperature excursions. With zero-temperature-excursion phase-change technology TOWER containers are simple to store, load, ship, unpack, store: repeat. Combine that with our on-site training, ease of rent and our global network and it’s easy to see why 70% of the World’s leading global pharma 3PL companies trust TOWER containers.


First to market technology

Innovation is part of our DNA. We were among the first to market with phase-change materials to protect temperature-sensitive materials, and we registered a patent 20 years ago for a built-in data logger on all our products. During the last 20 years we have not slowed down, having introduced unique biotechnology deep frozen pack-out solutions. We understand that our clients’ technology keeps moving forward and therefore so should we.

Tower global reach

Built for a global pharma market

Through our strategically located partner hubs in Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific and South Africa we work with 16 of the World’s top 20 pharma companies. Providing simple collection and return services with containers built specifically for Euro, US, single or double pallets or smaller sub-pallet consignments we service ALL the major global pharma delivery locations.


If all else fails put it in one of TOWER’s containers

For years we have been THE default container for tricky shipments that simply HAD to arrive in compliance. However, with our expansive new range, built with the same simple ‘zero fail’ phase-change technology, backed up by our easy-to-rent and return global processes we are now seen to be the go-to solution for clients who want complete peace of mind.